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Diamonds as an investment

During recent decade Gemini Diamonds has experienced a significant growth both in terms of market capitalization and in terms of popularity. Earlier the company belonged to a junior segment of diamond explorer companies with a market capitalisation that hardly reached £10 mln. Nowadays Gemini Diamonds is a fully fledged diamond mining group, quoted with a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange, Main Market.

As a team of professionals, we focus on the highest margin section of the diamond pipeline - the upstream, which involves such stages as mining itself, processing, sorting and sale of the product - uncut diamonds.

Gemini Diamonds possesses such crucial benefits as one of the world's largest diamond resources of 312 million carats, an industry-leading team, and a high growth profile. That is why we are able to offer a reliable and unique investment opportunity, providing our investors the direct exposure to late cycle diamonds.

The approach of the company is centered around the identification of the essential assets, where it is possible to add value through competence and capital. We are engaged into assets with the potential for compelling production and valuable operating margins.

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Tel: +44 207 0482066
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